<![CDATA[                My Little Nest - Blog]]>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 21:47:37 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Chiffon Bodysuit]]>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/chiffon-bodysuitYup. I went there. The 90s are back and the bodysuit is making its mark again. This time around though they are stylish and sometimes you don't even know they are bodysuits. Like this one. I didn't realize it until I read the description and then I knew I wanted to try it and see how it really looked in person....
Bodysuit c/o SheIn / Bra / Belt / Shoes / Jeans / Purse
See? Isn't this just a gorgeous chiffon bodysuit? And it totally just looks like it's a blouse right?
The higher neckline with the ruffle is right on trend. The tie adds some sophistication so that this could be worn in an office setting. I will say that the chiffon is sheer and there isn't a liner so either a tank underneath or a cute lace bralette (like I wore) work perfectly. This also is a great length. I've tried on bodysuits that just are way to tight and buttoning them just isn't comfortable. This one has some stretch and is great for people with long torsos. 
What about you? Would you try a bodysuit?

Thank you to SheIn for the bodysuit and to my readers for following along!

<![CDATA[Spring His and Her Looks]]>Mon, 27 Mar 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/spring-his-and-her-looksThis weekend I put a little post together for some Spring inspiration from Bonobos. (they have amazing menswear so check it out for the man in your life!)
Even though it's cloudy and rainy here I am all about  florals, gingham and pastels with little pops of colors.
I wanted to showcase two his and her looks that would be perfect for a casual weekend and for a Spring wedding or party! 
Sunnies/Dress/Backpack (sold out) similar here here /Sandals/Bracelets
Ring/Clutch, Dress/ Shoes/Earrings

I love finding outfits that compliment each other. Especially when the prices are great too. Most of these items are under $100 and quite a few are under $50! 
Do you have any colors or patterns that you're drawn to this Spring? After looking through so many Spring options I can't wait for the sunshine and warmer weather! 
Hope you all have a fabulous start to the week!

<![CDATA[DIY Lace Up Ballet Flat]]>Thu, 23 Mar 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/diy-lace-up-ballet-flatSo for awhile now I've been seeing these edgy fun ballerina flats by Miu Miu circling around some blogs I follow like this one, this one and this one...
I think these are such a work of art and if I could totally afford them I would make the investment. The price tag though is something my wallet cannot take. I saw Monica from JerseyGirlTexan Heart post the cutest ballet lace up shoes on her insta and that's when the DIY came into my mind. This is so simple and might be a duh moment, literally anyone can do this no matter what your DIY skill set is, and it can be done on any budget! 
1.You'll need some cute pink ballet flats. I purchased these at H&M for $10 on sale! But these or these or these would be perfect!
2. One spool of gingham ribbon and one spool of black ribbon. I bought mine from JoAnn Fabric with a 40% off coupon so they were $10 for both. (I'm up to $20 bucks spent so far!)
3. Fabric or tacky glue. They're only a couple bucks and you can find them at any craft store.
4. Scissors.
5. Sewing Ruler if you want to get real technical.
First up cutting the ribbon. Measuring is so important here because a too short ribbon will cause a huge amount of frustration and in the end equates to either more moola for more ribbon and a second trip to the fabric store or just scrapping the whole project.
To make sure you get the right length you want to tie the ribbon around your foot exactly how you want it (complete with the bow) while the shoe is on. After adjusting and tying the ribbon to your liking you can then cut it. Keep the shoe on your foot after cutting the end and untie the ribbon. 

Before taking off the shoe mark on each side of the ribbon in pencil or chalk (whatever you have on hand) to show where the ribbon sits in the shoe. Now you'll know where the ribbon needs to be glued on inside the shoe. (hope that makes sense, see pic below)
Once you've marked your ribbon on each side, take off the shoe and measure and cut the other ribbon. 

You can measure the second ribbon with the ribbon you've already cut, but I wanted to show you the length of mine. Yours could be longer or shorter depending on your shoe size, feet width and how long you want your bow to be. Once you have cut the second ribbon you'll need to repeat the steps to tie the ribbon around your foot, put your shoe on and mark the sides of the ribbon so you know where that one sits inside the shoe. 
Next spread glue on the inside of the shoe where the ribbon will be placed. Line the ribbon up (with the marks you made) to the inside of the shoe and push down onto the glue.
You'll need to find something that has a bit of weight to place on the top of the ribbon so it stays in place until it's dry. I kept my weight (aka candle holder) on it for just a few hours and then voila! Done!
And there you have it! Little edgy ballet flats that cost me all of $20. So, like I said this is so easy and I feel a little dumb actually posting this, but maaaaaybe someone out there will try it or get some inspiration from it. You could do different colored ribbon here too if black and gingham isn't your thing. 
​Is this a trend that you'd wear? I am loving some fun and funky fashion right now and these little babies will be on display all Spring! 
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!
<![CDATA[Sequin Jacket]]>Sun, 19 Mar 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/sequin-jacketLet's talk metallics, sequins and anything shiny! Metallic is big this year. You can see it in clutches, purses, mules, loafers, tennis shoes, jackets....basically you name it it comes in metallic. When I saw this little crop jacket I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone because it makes such a big statement, but I thought it was so much fun and perfect for Spring!
Jacket c/o Rosegal

Okay so how much fun is this look? I wanted to glam it up with a pair of nude heels, but also kept it casual with the fun embroidered jeans. And I mean how cute are the little sayings and lips on the jeans? They're on sale now and are right on trend for Spring!
This sequin jacket has a thin liner so I'll be able to wear it with a pair of cut off shorts and sandals for a Summer night out or a maxi dress and flats once we get a little more sunshine around here. I love having a fun bright jacket that instantly adds some va-voom to any outfit. The little diamond detailing adds to the texture and makes it stand out even more! I just love it!
What do you think about a statement jacket like this? Is it something you would wear?
Thanks to Rosegal who always has amazing pieces!
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
<![CDATA[Embroidery Chic]]>Wed, 15 Mar 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/embroidery-chicI am on the embroidery train and not stopping....I have done quite a few posts on different types of ways you can wear this trend and I wanted to share another one. I like to call it embroidery chic. This is a fun sexy dress for a night out on the town with the girls, or a dinner date with your significant other.
Dress sold out - c/o Zaful similar here here (love the mesh) here here

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the side slits and even though the embroidery floral makes a big statement I wanted to pair it with some killer heels! This dress fits perfectly. I am normally a small and ordered the small. Remember to always check the sizing though just in case :) I have worked with Zaful numerous times and the quality of their items is impressive, especially for the price. 

Thank you Zaful for the beautiful dress! And thank you to my readers for commenting and supporting this blog!

<![CDATA[Floral Dress]]>Sun, 12 Mar 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/floral-dressFlorals for Spring is not ground breaking. I always remember in The Devil Wear Prada the scene in the conference room where she is talking about the Spring edition to their magazine when an employee pipes up with "We're thinking florals and pastels and...." She looks up and says "Florals? for Spring? How groundbreaking". So I know a floral dress isn't anything anyone hasn't heard of, but I have to say this dress is one of my favorites I have ever received. And for that this floral dress is groundbreaking. 
Dress - c/o DressLily
Shoes old similar Shoes
Stone Bracelet

When I saw this dress online my first thought was sure I am looking for a long sleeved below the knee length dress so this will do. However, when I got the package and pulled it out I was a little shocked at the quality and shape of the dress. I mean it is really incredible. It reminds me of Free People dresses I see that cost 4X this. The one con of this dress is that it isn't lined so you need to wear a slip or nude colored bra and undies underneath it. That being said for me it's not that big of a deal. I love the uniqueness of the neckline and collar with the front tie. You don't have to wear a lot of jewelry with this because of all the little details. This will be easily worn with sandals in the warmer months or boots like I did here in the cooler months. Paired with a thick cardi sweater or leather jacket would be great for Fall as well. This is totally going to be my go to Seasonal dress in any Season.
Thank you to DressLily for the beautiful floral dress

<![CDATA[Embroidery Clutch]]>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/embroidery-clutchThe embroidery trend that was just revving up last year is now in full swing. Pants, coats, shirts, sweaters, purses. Pretty much any store you shop at you will find some type of embroidery piece. I know embroidery is a trend and because of that maybe you don't want to go out and buy an embroidered jacket, or you don't want to pay a ton of money on embroidered jeans. One way that you can be trendy but not go overboard is to buy accessories. Gamiss recently sent me this gorgeous embroidered and embellished clutch and it is nothing short of amazing. 
Clutch - c/o Gamiss
Necklace old similar

This clutch is so gorgeous and could easily be worn all dressed up for a night out, but as you can see here  it totally works with jeans and a simple top. I love that this clutch makes a statement all its own and has the perfect colors for Spring with white and blush flowers. The little rhinestones and flower embellishments are secured on there (my girls were testing this product out as well!!) so that is always a plus. When I buy a purse that has little embellishments on it I worry that little rhinestones or gems will fall off but these are secure and do not move. It's also large enough for my phone, wallet and a few beauty items like a compact mirror and lipstick. 

Are you on the embroidery train with tees, jackets and everything else or do you like to put little splashes of trends on your accessories? 

Thank you to Gamiss for this gorgeous clutch that I know I will have for a long time! Hope you all have a fabulous end to your week and an even better weekend!

<![CDATA[Maroon Dress]]>Sun, 05 Mar 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/maroon-dressI am all about a little sporty look. Athleisure wear is huge right now. I always think of Sporty Spice from the Spice girls (#90sgirl) when I see this whole trend. I don't wear a whole lot of athleisure wear but I came across this cute sporty dress from SheIn and knew I wanted to pair it with tennis shoes for that relaxed sporty look. Because it is freezing out still I did add a faux leather jacket. Once Spring and Summer weather start I'll wear it with a pair of cute lace up sandals.
This little monkey wanted to join me for a few pictures and I had to include this. She has the biggest cheese smile and is getting so big! 
Dress c/o SheIn
Leather Jacket
​Tennis Shoes old similar

I guess I could call this a "dress up athleisure" look. This dress is so cute and fun to wear. I wasn't sure about the red, but when I got it I realized it's more of a burgundy red, so that totally works for me. I love the white stripes on the hem and sleeves and how it adds a more casual sporty look to it.  It's not a super tight dress and it still has stretch so it's really comfy to wear! The tennis shoes make it totally appropriate to wear for running errands or running after a 2 year old. If you're looking to wear this out adding a pair of heels a statement necklace and a blazer would definitely dress it up. 

If you haven't noticed I changed a few things up on my blog and just love it! I've been meaning to change my logo and finally had some free time to figure out what I wanted. I also have been trying to make my instagram posts available to shop and I finally did it! I don't have them all up, but it's a work in process. If you click on the shop link (at the top of the page) you can check it out! I'm also looking to change a few other things when I have more "me" time to do it. 

Thank you all for reading and a big thank you to SheIn for the fun dress!


<![CDATA[A grey t shirt]]>Wed, 01 Mar 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/a-grey-t-shirtI am a jeans and t shirt girl. I wear it on the daily and it's called my momiform. It's the basis of pretty much any outfit I wear because it's so easy to style. My one pet peeve when it comes to t shirts is thickness. I love a thicker t shirt so you don't have to wear a cami underneath. This one from SheIn is really thick and stretchy but has a looser fit. I decided to show a little bit of skin in honor of the (almost) Spring weather by knotting the front. If you're not wanting to bare a little skin you could tuck it in the front or side of your jeans.
T shirt - c/o SheIn (seriously amazing price!!)
Purse c/o 

Adding to a basic outfit doesn't have to be a huge thought process. Having a few classic neutral items will be a huge help in building an outfit. A blazer is a must have neutral for me. I didn't own one for a long time or honestly really know how I would get it to work (with being a stay at home mama) in my day to day closet life. Now that I have one it is a go to. Since this was an errand running day I went with a large bag (so I could fit in snacks, juice and water for my little) and my comfy loafers. This could easily be paired with a clutch and heels for a lunch date too! 
Keep in mind that a basic loose t shirt is great for anyone no matter if you are a stay at home mom, business owner or employee. If you find a great one (like I did here) you can wear it so many ways!

How do you wear your t shirt and jeans?
A big thank you to SheIn for the t shirt and for my wonderful readers who read my blog!
​Thank you so much!

<![CDATA[Insta Love]]>Tue, 28 Feb 2017 04:28:08 GMThttp://mylittlenest.org/blog/insta-loveI love instagram. Seeing little tidbits from peoples life is fun and it doesn't take much to connect! If you don't follow me on insta (@ruthyannie) you totally should! I share a lot of outfits and daily happenings along with pictures of my littles every now and then.  Here's a few of my recent looks that you haven't seen on the blog before!
I share so many candid shots of what I wear on the daily on IG so hope you follow along! Let me know if you do and I'll follow you back!
What do you like to see on insta? Outifts? Hear about daily life? Beauty tips? Let me know in the comments! I always like finding out what my readers like to hear! 
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!