So I need to get something off my chest from this last week and weekend. Let's start with last Monday. Amelia has been a miracle sleeper. She has slept 6+ hours a night since she was born. I know. I'm lucky. I shouldn't complain at all, but I am. This last week my child has woken up anywhere from 3-6 times a night. I know this is typical from day 1 and trust me I have put in my share of sleepless nights from my first. (she didn't sleep through the night until 18 months) I say God knew I put in my time with my first and He felt sorry for me so provided me with one of those "miracle sleeping babies" the second time around. Well this last week has seriously been rough. My patience is thin and the reality is my days are full of coffee and cartoons. I am not a "cry it out" mama so now it's not just fulfilling the demands of a five month old and three year old during the day, but now night time has been added into our repertoire. It's tough. I love my two girls and am so glad to be their mama. Some days or weeks it's just tougher than others. This too shall pass is my new mantra.This past weekend my husband captured a photo of the three of us cuddling and laughing on the couch. I love them more than anything and would do anything for them, including get up numerous times to comfort them. 
Onto the second rant. Last weekend I went through mine and my hubbys closet again and had more stuff to get rid of. I was going to wait to take it into a consignment store to try and sell the stuff, but because the piles were overtaking our route to the bathroom I needed to get it done. My last post talked about my October challenge (you can see it here) so this was going to be hard for me. I was going into a store that I love to shop at and not be able to buy anything. At all. I could do this. Walking up to the store with my four bags to sell I was greeted with a All New Clearance at 50% Off sign. Seriously?!? And walking in there are the racks. Right in front. Anyone I'm sure realizes in any type of challenge you do don't tempt yourself. If you're on a strict diet don't go to a chocolate store. Didn't follow that. Before I drove to the store I gave myself a pep talk and told myself NOT TO BROWSE. I should sit in a chair and play my level 175 of Candy Crush. Didn't follow that either. Fall time weather brings beautiful soft leather jackets, structured blazers and colorful sweaters to buy. If you are looking for any of these I have a store for you. I tried them on and held onto them. I ended up putting everything back. I walked out of the store richer. No not in the way of yes I didn't buy myself anything....they had bought some of my clothes I had brought in. When I got home I looked at my clothes hanging in my closet and realized how much I own. I have so much when other people have so little. I am thankful I can choose what I want to wear and that's what this month of not adding to my already full closet is all about. Taking the time to realize how blessed I am and how I can be content with what I already have.

I'm happy today is Monday and going forward I know this is going to be one awesome week. (hopefully filled with sleepfull nights)


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