What a weekend. My laptop died, (ended up being the plug/cord thank God) a fun day at a friends pool, and a three day weekend with the hubs and kiddos! Such a busy weekend and with my laptop out of commission I'm playing catch up now!  

We just had Amelia's One Year pictures done and our photographer, who is so awesome, got a couple shots of the girls together. Adorableness at its best. I wanted to put a picture of them together up in their rooms and since their walls are full I figured a stand up frame on the dresser would be perfect. I had extra frames in storage(under my bed) and decided I wanted to try something different. Sophia and I headed to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some silk flowers and this is what we came up with.

I have the directions at the bottom of the post.
What you'll need for the Flower Picture Frame

3 bunches of silk flowers
hot glue gun and 1 stick hot glue
picture frame

Take the flowers and greenery off the long stems. (they should pop right off) Start arranging them on the frame until you're happy with the layout. I learned the hard way on this next part, so hopefully I'll explain it well. When you take the back off of a silk flower hold onto the bulk of the petals in one hand and work the backing off with the other. There will be a small stem sticking out of the silk flower. Cut it down until it is flush with the back of the flower while continuing to hold onto the petals. Do not let go of the petals or the flower will fall apart (this is the lesson I learned). Use the glue gun making sure to place glue on and around the stem that is now flush with the flower. Place the flower on the frame and continue until your frame is finished! 

Sophia loves the frame and I think it's so cute for a little girls' room. It's whimsical and Spring-y, super easy and cheap to do! JoAnn's is having their flowers 60% off now so I bought all the flowers for only $5 and still have plenty leftover! I think this would be fun for any little girl to have in their room! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and thank you for reading!


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