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A few little things about me….I’m Ruth and My Little Nest is the way I get to share how I live on a budget and remain a fashionable wife and mama! I grew up in Washington State with my parents, three brothers and sister. We grew up having lots of fun and are extremely close. Fun fact I was home schooled my whole life and No I will not be home schooling my girls, but it was a great experience in my life.

I moved to Florida in 2005 and met my husband in 2006. Two years after we started dating we were married in St. Petersburg, FL. After we had out daughter Sophia in 2011 I decided to quit my career in banking and stay at home with her. We moved our family of three from Tampa, FL to Orlando, FL and had our second little girl, Amelia, in 2014.

Recently Amelia has been diagnosed with a rare genetic eye dystrophy. You can read more about Reis Buckler Cornea Dystrophy here if you’re interested. We just moved back to the great Pacific Northwest in the Summer of 2015! I love to re make things and craft, watch Netflix shows, go on walks, go on dates with my hubby (when we can), fashion, thrifting, sewing, decorating, reading way too many blogs and gossip magazines and watching Seahawks football and drinking coffee (I mean that’s what Seattle is all about)! I live on a budget and want to show others how you can live fashionably without a ton of money!

I love seeing my readers comments so please leave them and any questions on my posts! If you’re interested in collaborations with me please see the collaborations tab for more information! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and take a look around my life!

This is a for profit blog. Some product links that I post about on my site are affiliate links meaning I get some type of commission. If a company has sent me a product it will be marked with a c/o. Of course all of my opinions are my own.

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