Birthday Projects

As part of my new year resolution I am going to be making more meaningful gifts for my family members and close friends this year. It’ll keep me busy and make me plan ahead. I have been searching pinterest for inspiration for the first birthdays of the year and found some amazing things that I will be making! It all looks so easy and will be great small things for me to ship places! (Since all my family lives across the United States) I wanted to share some things that look pretty easy and are super cute!

Seahawks Treats


18 CommentsSince I am from Seattle I of course am so excited that my Hawks are going to the Super Bowl on Sunday! I have a few little things I’m going to make to eat to help celebrate their success for the last year! If you’re a fan and want some treats to make these are super easy little treats to make for just you or for a party! Go HAWKS!! Buy a white cake mix and make accordingly to the box recipe. Divide the batter into three smaller bowls and dye each one a different color. I used green for the bottom layer. I kept the batter white for the middle layer. The top layer I dyed the batter blue. All Hawks colors! I used white cupcake holders so you can kind of see the colors through the wrapping, but once you unwrap them they really show. For all you Hawks fans out there skittles are a must. So I named these “Feed the Beast Cupcakes”. I love them! I think having them next to a bowl of skittles will be perfect! The next little treat I made uses Oreos and white chocolate chips. You’ll also need blue frosting and a frosting bag. Super easy to do! Just melt the chocolate and dip the oreos in the chocolate. Lay flat on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. There might be small spots where the cookie shows through, but after they are hardened you can go back and lightly dab extra chocolate on the spots to cover them up. I then used a sandwich bag with the tip cut off and blue frosting to write 12 for the 12th man dipped Oreos! LOVE how they turned out! Anything covered in chocolate is seriously delicious anyways, but I think these are pretty cute. 18 Comments

26 weeks


2 CommentsSo I haven’t really posted on my pregnancy too much, at least no pictures that are really just focused on my belly. I can’t believe how much time just flies by! When I was pregnant with Sophia  everything seemed to just take forever! At my last OB appointment I was reminded that now is the time to pre-register at the hospital and take a tour of the womens wing. I remember looking forward to that time with my first pregnancy and now I’m like huh? what? already??? I still have to get that on the calender, but I figure I still have a few weeks before it’s absolutely necessary!On another note I am feeling great and have energy to work on projects around the house and am able to keep up with my 2 1/2 year old. I have been started to feel a little melancholy because I do know these are the last few months it will only be our little family of three. The hubs and I have a few things we are planning to do to make it special for just the three of us over the next few months! I want to make it a special time for Sophia since this is the last time in her life it’ll be all about her.  I am  looking forward to seeing what this little girl in my tummy looks like and what her personality is like. (If it’s anything like her kicks I feel now I’m in for a feisty little  I took some pictures over the weekend of just me and “her” so far in our life together! Hope you enjoy!



Baked brieĀ 


4 CommentsThis has a warning that comes with it. If you make this be prepared to eat all of it. It is seriously one of the most delicious appetizers I have ever made. The fact that it is not complicated makes it that much worse. I got this recipe from a lady in my moms meetup club. I have already made it a few times and I foresee this being a staple in my recipe book now! Recipe is at the bottom of the post. Brie and bread. Already a winner! Yes that is brown sugar and butter on top of the bread…. Baked in the oven and all melted and warm… doesn’t get any better than this! Each time I make this it ALL gets eaten so no leftovers ever! Baked Brie 

1 round loaf white bread
1 round brie
1 – 1 3/4 cup brown sugar
1 stick melted butter

Heat oven to 350. Cut out middle of bread and tear into bite sized chunks. Place hollowed bread bowl in the middle of a cookie sheet. Place brie in the middle of the bread bowl. (I had to cut mine in different sizes to make it fit) Melt butter and spoon over bread chunks. Sprinkle the brown sugar over it and heat in oven for 15-20 minutes or until brie is melted. If it is not melted completely turn the heat up to 375 and cover with aluminum foil and cook another 5 minutes. Enjoy!


A few things for the new baby…


2 CommentsI just came back from our month long vacation from WA and have totally gone in nesting/ cleaning mode. I mean 15 weeks is not a long time away. I have some items that I’ve found that I just love and can’t wait to get (or make) for our little peanut. Having another little girl means she will get a ton of hand me downs, I know, but there are some things I want to get her that are new and that will be only hers. Anyways, here are some things that have caught my attention lately…. 


1. Leggings- A must in FL as pants are way too hot. These are adorable and way affordable too! You can find them here.
2. Heart pocket dress- Love love the little heart pockets on this adorable little dress. Find it here but be forewarned it’s super pricey and has to come from overseas. (I think I’ll try my hand at making this item.)
3. Little fox leather slipper shoes- I mean woodland creatures? These adorable foxes are perfectly adorable for little feet. Find them here.
4. Rosy ruffle onesie- Absolutely a must. A little detail on the bum and it takes a regular onesie and makes it just too cute! Find it here or you could be brave and do one yourself!
5. Hello I’m New Here onesie- I just think this is such a sweet little onesie for a new baby to wear. Find it here.
6. Headband- I think this is just beautiful.  Perfect for a photo shoot or a special event your little one is going to. I love the vintage look with the soft yellow and lace. Find it here.
7. Baby Minnetonkas- These are just the cutest little things EVER!  Sophia and I both have Minnetonkas so the next girl in the family will have them too! Found them here.
8. Little turbans/half turbans- Everything is just cuter on little ones!  I love these and they look so soft for the babies head where they could wear them all day! (I hate having that indent line across their forehead from headbands) You can find similar ones to the one pictured here.
9.Unfortunately I found this adorable little dress on pinterest and the link is broken. So sad. I just had to pin it because I love the colors and how vibrant the little dress is. I might try and see if I can find ANY type of fabric that would be similar and try and make it because it is truly a one of a kind.

I am so excited to try and make some of these items and get them for the baby! Only 15 weeks left?!? (did I say that already??) Whew so much to do and so little time! My posts might become a little more infrequent, but I’ll make sure I’ll post my projects and give updates as the weeks progress! Happy Wednesday!2 Comments

Chocolate Chocolate Cake


0 CommentsChocolate is amazing. This pregnancy I have been craving it…totally a guilty pleasure. My grandfather had his 87th birthday this month and since I am in Washington I took it as an excuse ( I know selfish of me right?) to make a chocolate cake for him! I found a recipe on pinterest that you can find here, but made a few adjustments to it and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. Yes it has a lot of chocolate, but it doesn’t have that sugary taste of a store bought cake. It’s rich, but it is the most delicious chocolate cake you could ever taste. The frosting is almost like a mousse. If you need to make a cake for someone, (yes even you count as a someone) this is the one to try! Dry ingredients…..and chocolate (cocoa is chocolate)! Mixing and mixing. You actually add coffee to the mix, which I have never done before, and it seriously adds some texture and flavor to it! No words…. Just out of the oven….it smelled amazing…like chocolate. The amount the recipe made actually is for three layers. Because we were having a small party I thought that would be a little excessive. I kept the extra cake at home….to eat later…. The frosting uses some serious butter. And of course the chocolate…. There’s also cream cheese and cocoa in there too. the creamiest and smoothest frosting I have ever made. Hands down. The End. Happy Baking! Chocolate Chocolate Cake

2 cups sugar
1 3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
3/4 cup evaporated milk
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup melted coconut oil
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup hot coffee

Heat oven to 350. Grease and flour three 8 inch round pans. In large bowl mix sugar, flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt. Add eggs, milk oil and vanilla into bowl and stir. Add coffee to mixture and beat until smooth. Pour batter into baking pans and bake 30 mins. 

Smooth Chocolate Frosting

1/2 bag semisweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoon shortening
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
3 tablespoons sweetened cocoa
6 tablespoons boiling water
1  1/2 cup butter
1 cup cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar

Place cocoa in boiling water and let sit until dissolved. Melt chocolate and shortening in bowl then set aside until cool. Beat butter and powdered sugar until mixed and fluffy. While cocoa is still sitting add cream cheese and stir until combined. In butter/sugar bowl add the melted chocolate and stir. Add cream cheese/cocoa mixture and beat well. 

Once cake has cooled frost the layers and stack the cake. Frost the cake all over and enjoy!Add Comment

Birthday Projects


1 CommentAs part of my new year resolution I am going to be making more meaningful gifts for my family members and close friends this year. It’ll keep me busy and make me plan ahead. I have been searching pinterest for inspiration for the first birthdays of the year and found some amazing things that I will be making! It all looks so easy and will be great small things for me to ship places! (Since all my family lives across the United States) I wanted to share some things that look pretty easy and are super cute!


1. DIY sugar scrub-easy and cheap and would be so cute in a bottle. You can find the recipe here
2. Cute sleeves for the coffee/tea lover-perfect for a guy or girl! You can find a very simple no sew tutorial here or a more advanced one here.
3. Cute map project here. I could use this for anniversary, birthday presents, valentines etc!
4. DIY cute mugs here . You could write whatever you want to whomever you want.
5. Dish towels for the cook found here. Endless possibilities for prints or embellishments to use!
6. Cord holder tutorial found here. This would be great for a traveler or someone who is always on the go. (or loses headphones/cords easily)
7. Letter decoration wrapped with twine. DIY found here.
8. Deer pillow. What you need can be found here. Be warned that you do have to sketch the deer yourself, but it still looks pretty easy and even a guy would like this.
9. DIY canvas or wood picture. Tutorial here.

As the months go on I’ll share what I’m making for different birthdays or anniversaries. I hope this inspires you to craft something for other people to enjoy!

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