Blue-White Jean Refashion

I found these jeans at The Salvation Army for $4! I love love love the blue-white color and being they were Express jeans made it even more worth while for me to pick them up!

As you can see they are high water bell bottoms…not good for fashion, but the right length for skinny jeans!

Just so you can see how large the bells are!

I took a pair of skinny jeans that fit the way I like and lined both waists up.

You can see the difference in sizes between the two.

I took my pins and pinned where I wanted to sew.

I always start about one inch up from where my first pin is. Make sure that you start on the original seam of the pants and sew your way out towards the first pin.

After you are down sewing the pant leg make sure to try it on and that it fits the way you like. If you get scissor happy you could find yourself crying because it doesn’t fit right and you can’t undo a cut! (speaking from prior experience)

Sew the other side and make sure the sides are even and again you like how it fits. Try the pants on inside out so you don’t have the extra fabric bunching around your legs when you try them on.

Once you like how they fit THEN you can cut off the excess fabric.

Cut all the way down leaving about 1/2 -1 inch allowance so you can zig zag or serge the rough ends.

After your done it will look like this!

And here they are! I LOVE them! Perfect for spring and summer!

They fit great and you’d never know I did it myself! Happy sewing!!

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