Dress to a shirt refashion

So here is a little short dress that I have had for quite awhile. Super short. I tried wearing it with skinny jeans and leggings and it just didn’t look right so I decided to make it a shirt. Here is my little adventure.

Love love love the design on it! The design ends where a shirt would end on me so I thought hey lets give it a try!

I cut off the bottom leaving about 1 1/2 inches to hem.

I turned the bottom hem in twice (to hide the edging so it won’t fray) and sewed the hem! It’s that easy!

It worked perfectly! I love this shirt and I wear it a lot now!

All I did was cut 1 1/2 inches below where I wanted the shirt to hit. I sewed the bottom and viola!

I think it turned out great and now its something I can wear all the time with jeans, shorts and skirts! Happy Sewing!

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