Holiday Season Sadness

OK I know the holidays are happy and about giving thanks and that wonderful feeling, but being honest I get sad around the holidays. I absolutely LOVE the holiday season, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something that just tugs at my heart during this time. I moved to Florida 8 years ago (I cannot believe I’ve been gone from home that long) and I didn’t plan on living my life here, meeting a wonderful man, getting married and having my babies here.

This is where the sadness comes in. My husbands family is here and mine is in Washington. Someone is always going to miss out on the holidays. My hubby is so supportive of us spending time with my family so we try to plan one of our twice yearly trips on Christmas/New Years or Thanksgiving. It’s really wonderful that we are able to split the time up between our two families while living so far away.

I still have a hard time when I hear of my family getting together and planning the holiday craziness without me. On the other side of the coin Sophia, myself and the hubs (and peanut) will make up more than half of his family. Now that’s a lot of family to miss for a holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have been so important because it’s all about family for me. I know a lot of people have a hard time during this season and feel like they are being pulled in too many directions with too many places to attend in one day.

I am feeling the opposite. I miss my family either way I go. I cannot spend a Christmas with both sides and Thanksgiving dinner will not be shared by our two families. Florida and Washington are just too far apart. Reflecting on this during the happy holiday season makes me melancholy and frankly sad at times. To my two families across the United States , you mean more to me than anything in the world and I know that with each holiday that I am not with you in person my heart is.

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