Little Pink Knit Shirt

Found this little pink shirt at the thrift store! Its a LOFT shirt and only $4 and I loved how the shirt was shaped. The sleeves were a different story. Way too long and large. Here’s my sewing adventure….

Notice the length of the sleeves? I mean wow someone has some long arms out there I guess!

And another picture to show how long the sleeves are. I decided to take them off and make it with short sleeves.

First I turned the bottom of the sleeve inside out and pinned where I wanted the sleeve to fall. You can see that I pinned the bottom of the sleeve near the armpit. This is going to be the bottom of the sleeve. The rest of the fabric is going away after I stitch the seam.

I always start my hemline right where the stitching changes. Also if you start sewing where the seams meet it wont show any back stitching. (when you reverse your stitch once you go all the way around)

You can see I stitched as close as I could to the bottom hemline.

Then I cut the rest of the sleeve off. I left about 1/2 inch so I can do a zig zag stitch on the ends.

After stitching the end you turn it right side out to see your finished product!

Perfect! Just how I wanted it to look!

Looooove it! Such an easy fix and so much better!

Now the shirt is great for summer, fall, spring…basically anytime! Only took about 15 minutes to make this shirt wearable! Happy Sewing!

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