Master Bedroom

I’m being completely honest here when I say I have never really had a “theme” in our master bedroom. Usually it’s just some random one colored comforter in the room with random one colored curtains to block out light.

In other words extremely dull. Because my nesting is in full effect (and I kind of ruined our comforter with bleach-whoops!) I am taking the full opportunity to re decorate and get our room into something I actually love. Since I have a husband (who is not keen on the idea of hot pink or turquoise) I have to make it something we both enjoy.

Kind of long story, but the hubs and I went to the Bahamas last year and we went to a gala. (I promise this ties into bedroom colors) When I was picking out a dress I found an amazing Emerald Green dress-perfect because the color of the year was Emerald Green. To contrast he got a gray suit. I have loved the colors together and showing him a picture of us in the colors got the mans A-OK to go ahead. Gray and Emerald Green.  

Win-win on this one since we both like the colors….or maybe because it reminds us of our amazing getaway with white sands, blue waters, margaritas and, if I’m being completely honest (do not judge me) relaxing with no kid.

So, I’ve been pinning some ideas on Pinterest (you can follow me here) and it’s given me some great ideas to re make our bedroom!

1. Emerald green, gray and white striped pillows found on etsy
2. Green plants on shelves blog post found
3. Emerald green throw pinned from instagram. 
4. Gray flowered bedspread from Anthropologie

On a little side note-since Emerald Green was Pantone’s color of the year last year, I figured people will be trading their 2013 color for the new 2014 Radiant Orchid. Not so much. Emerald green is so hard to find! Since it is a rarity to come across it makes me want to use it even more. Besides who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?!? 

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