Mint Green and Lace

My sister bought this dress for me at H&M last year. It’s so cute and I love how it fits, but I wanted to add something to it as the front didn’t have any embellishments.

This is the front of the dress. I wanted to add some lace to it and found a great shirt at The Goodwill for $4.

Here’s the shirt I found for $4. The lace was a perfect fit! I took the lace off the front of the shirt with a seam ripper.

Here’s the lace after I seam ripped it!

I pinned the lace to the front of the dress.

I flipped the bottom under and pinned it so the edge would be finished.

I think it adds a little spark to the dress! I love how its “dressed up” now!

Love my new dress!

If you have a plain looking shirt or dress keep in mind that adding a little bit of lace or an embellishment can give the outfit a whole new look and feel!

The little bug decided to join in the photo shoot fun!

A little camera shy….Love the “new” dress I made! Just in time for summer! Happy Sewing!

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