Seahawks Treats

Since I am from Seattle I of course am so excited that my Hawks are going to the Super Bowl on Sunday! I have a few little things I’m going to make to eat to help celebrate their success for the last year! If you’re a fan and want some treats to make these are super easy little treats to make for just you or for a party! Go HAWKS!!

Buy a white cake mix and make accordingly to the box recipe.

Divide the batter into three smaller bowls and dye each one a different color. I used green for the bottom layer.

I kept the batter white for the middle layer.

The top layer I dyed the batter blue. All Hawks colors!

I used white cupcake holders so you can kind of see the colors through the wrapping, but once you unwrap them they really show.

For all you Hawks fans out there skittles are a must. So I named these “Feed the Beast Cupcakes”. I love them! I think having them next to a bowl of skittles will be perfect!

The next little treat I made uses Oreos and white chocolate chips. You’ll also need blue frosting and a frosting bag.

Super easy to do! Just melt the chocolate and dip the oreos in the chocolate.

Lay flat on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. There might be small spots where the cookie shows through, but after they are hardened you can go back and lightly dab extra chocolate on the spots to cover them up.

I then used a sandwich bag with the tip cut off and blue frosting to write 12 for the 12th man dipped Oreos!

LOVE how they turned out! Anything covered in chocolate is seriously delicious anyways, but I think these are pretty cute.

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