Sophia’s Fairy Garden Party

For Sophia’s second birthday we were in Washington with my family! I decided to do a little fairy garden party. Since we were in the Pacific Northwest I didn’t know if it would rain or be sunny so it was a bit hard to plan. It ended up being rainy so we had her party indoors! It turned out great and everyone said they enjoyed it! Here are some pictures of Sophia’s day!

Waking up to her birthday morning!

My little poms I made. I wanted it to look like clouds and I found little birds to “hide” in each one!

My mom and I skewered watermelon, grapes, oranges and pineapple for fairy wands.

Sliced cheeses for gnome blankets.

Crackers were the gnome beds.

Red apples with chocolate chips were ladybugs.

Morning dew water bottles.

I used edible sprinkles and stars for fairy dusted flowers. (cupcakes)

I used white chocolate chips upside down for the mushroom cupcakes.

Fairy wands for the kiddos to play with.

Goody bags for the guests.

Paper mache mushrooms I made!

The “fairy frost” was so good she was licking the paper cup!

There were about 55 people who came to party and she was a little shy…


Fairy wand fun with auntie!

Four generations at Sophia’s party! My mom, Great Grandma, Sophia and me!

Time just keeps flying by! It was so nice to be able to be in Washington with my family and friends to celebrate my little bugs birthday! It was a great success and I’m so glad to be this little girls’ mama!

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