Sophia’s Room

Since our little peanut, arriving in May, is going to be getting a newly decorated room and lots of attention I want to update Sophia’s room a bit. She is loving ballerina’s, pink and really anything girly. I roamed pinterest and came up with some inspirational pictures that would be cheap and easy to do and give her room a little makeover before the baby comes.

  1. Gold starts-Right now I have a banner hanging over her crib from her second birthday. I am going to take that down and hang gold stars from the ceiling over her bed.
  2. Tulle Skirt-I saw this and immediately thought the color was amazing and that I could make a huge full bed skirt. It’s very whimsical and looks “ballet-ish”.
  3. Little girl sketch with balloons-I am totally going to ask my brother’s girlfriend (who is an amazing artist) to sketch a little girl (that looks like Sophia complete with her wild hair) holding balloons and wearing a tutu to hang up in her room.
  4. Whimsical sketch-Sophia loves princesses, pink, flowers, animals and knows about Paris. I am thinking about creating a sketch or painting to put up in her room.

I am excited to do just these few changes to her room to make it fit her personality other than mine now! She is growing up so fast and I want her to always love her room and let it be her own.

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