Spiced Apple-Cranberry Cider

Washington is freezing….not as cold as Minnesota or Chicago, but 28 degrees at night is just such a difference than Florida’s 41 degrees at night. Since it’s been so cold I have been drinking tea like crazy to try and keep myself warm. I wanted to make my special Spiced Apple-Cranberry Cider for our Sunday family dinner we’ve been having. I just love making hot drinks on cold evenings. Probably even more so now since in Florida it just is never cold enough. I included some pictures of the morning frosts we’ve been having to prove that it is COLD here and how beautiful it is up here! Enjoy!


I mean I love waking up and seeing frost everywhere…it’s like it had a light snow dusting!

Apple Cider and Cranberry juice

One orange about to be sliced.

And a bunch of spices.

All mixed in together!

All hot and ready to drink!

Delicious for a cold evening in.

Apple-Cranberry Cider

1 64oz. Apple Cider prepared
1 32 oz. Cranberry juice prepared
1 large orange sliced
1 tablespoon nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves
1 teaspoon ginger

Mix all ingredients together in a crock pot. Turn onto high and let sit until hot. Ladle into mugs with a slice of orange.

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