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As I said before I love looking at certain websites to “window shop”. I found this nice cute cardigan here on Anthropologie and wanted to add it to my wardrobe. Since its $128 I couldn’t add it to my wardrobe unless I refashioned something. I had a perfect little navy blue cardigan I picked up at the thrift shop, its an Ann Taylor, and I found two silky shirts, coral and red, that would be perfect for the spring flowers. It cost a total of $8 for all three shirts! A nice savings of $120 which means I can go grocery shopping this week! Here’s what I did and how I did it!

Anthropologie Firebloom Cardigan $128

The red and coral silk shirts. I made sure to get a large so I would have lots of fabric to use.

This the navy cardigan

I cut a circle out of the fabric. It does not have to be a perfect circle.

I staggered the sizes of the circles so each level of the flower you can see.

Take one circle and fold two sides together.

Sew a small stitch to keep it in place.

Take one corner and fold to the middle, where you made the stitch. Make another stitch in the same place sewing the corner to the middle.

You’ll do the same thing to the other corner. Fold it to the middle and sew another stitch on top of the other two you already have done. It should look like a kite when you are finished.

This part is a little hard to explain to I’ll do my best. You’re going to take one of the longest corners and twist the corner so the bottom of the corner is now facing up. You can see where there is a crease forming. Lay the corner flat.

You can see how its twisted. Make a stitch so its held there. You’ll do the same to the other long side.

When the two sides are twisted it should look like this.

Each circle you’ll keep repeating the fold over and bringing in the sides to the middle. When you are finished take the three finished circles and sew through the middle of all of them. I did two stitches through the middle of them.

Here is what they look like when finished. I did a total of 10 flowers. I didn’t want them to be perfect circle flowers. If you do make sure when you are folding the fabric over its even on each side. These flowers you can use for anything. Headbands, clips, shoes…anything!

I arranged them on the sweater how I wanted them.

I then used needle and thread and stitched each flower on with two stitches overlapping each other. Make sure you get the needle between two layers of the flower.

And there’s the second stitch to the flower.

The finished product!

Love my take on this Anthro Cardigan!

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