The Easiest DIY Chalkboard

Since chalkboards are all the rage now I’ve been wanting to have one in my house. I’ve tried to do some by making your own chalkboard paint. It did not go so well. The paint was really thick and just kind of clumped and dried and well it didn’t last in my house too long. I threw it away and haven’t felt the need to try again. Until now. When I wanted to take some photos for our big announcement (I posted it Monday, you can find it here) I realized that I was going to need one. So off to Michaels to find the already made paint. I actually found something better. It’s pretty amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. Here’s what I used and what I did.

I took the glass and cardboard out.

I painted the cardboard that was behind the glass black. I wanted a traditional chalkboard look but you could do ANY color you want.

I painted the frame.

Michaels 4.50 for this little clear chalkboard coating. It can go on ANYTHING and turns it immediately into a chalkboard! Like a wall, a door, glass, plastic, fridge, toys or anything else you might want to use for a chalkboard!

Then I painted the glass with the chalkboard coating. I did two coats. I only had to wait one hour between coats and then I let it sit overnight.

The next day I ran a piece of chalk over it and let it sit all day. I think you can let it sit up to 24 hours.

Afterwards I wiped it clean with a damp towel.

And presto done! Seriously it is so easy! What’s nice is now I have a great little chalkboard I can put up anywhere and it didn’t take long! I love the idea I can change the back ground by painting the cardboard behind the glass or even putting scrapbook paper behind it for unique designs!

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