Vibrant Short Refashion

So a trip to the Goodwill last week had me looking for shorts. It has been so hot here in Florida and my short collection is not to my liking. I found these completely crazy patterned shorts. They were a little crazy for shorts so I made a fun little skirt from them! It works the same as my last blog post you can see here. I love this pattern, even though I’m not a huge pattern girl. I think the skirt works and it’ll be fun to see how many ways I can wear it!

Yes they are not great shorts, but I loved the pattern so much because it was so funky and I had a vision in my head of what it could be!

I seam ripped the leg holes, the part that made the leg holes needed to be opened up.

When the seams are ripped it will be completely open and what used to be the leg hole enclosure is now going to be the front and back of the skirt. (hope this makes sense)

You’ll then take the left and right ends of where the old leg holes used to be and pin a new seam all the way down. You will have excess fabric that you will cut away after sewing. After you do the front, then pin the back as well.

You can see here how the right and left leg holes were pinned together in the back. After this step is done you’ll see the skirt has its shape and you can start sewing. Remember when you start to sew always start about one inch up from where the new seam will be. Then continue all the way down!

After you sew the front and back of the skirt I used a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying on the seam and cut the excess

fabric off.

Close up of what it looks like. You can see I didn’t have to hem the shorts because they were already a great length! Bonus!

Here is the new skirt! There used to be two leg holes and now there are none! You can see the new seam goes all the way down the front of the “shorts”.

Here it is!

LOVE this outfit! I love this pattern on the skirt!

Love this little skirt! So many ways to wear it! tanks, t shirts, flats, heels…you get the idea! I think its a great statement piece!

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